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Excelling in Commercial & Political campaigns.


none. acrion

Meaning:    An augur or seer in ancient Rome; an observer and interpreter of the omens
connected with the flight, song and behaviour of bird

Origin:    Contraction of avispex, from avis, bird + specere, to watch or observe

Derivation:     Auspicious (adjective): conducive to success; propitious; favourable;
boding well for the future

More than 30 years of experience in executing campaigns across 40 countries. We turn every challenge into an opportunity.

Our advanced communications techniques, critical strategic input, and cultural expertise combine with our unrivalled data analytics and engagement methods to ensure our clients win elections, influence social change, and raise support for political/economic projects. 


We use advanced scientific research and social analysis techniques, adapted for political and commercial use.

Winning hearts and minds


For almost three decades, our teams have been pioneers in developing new methods of behavioural influence on a personal and group level.

Winning hearts and minds


No company in the world has in its ranks the years of experience our team has, spanning over 30 years. Having worked in over 40 countries, we collected an immense international and cultural experience.

Winning hearts and minds

Who we are

GULFSTRAT calls on world-class experts with extensive international experience in advanced political and commercial communications.

Unlike commercial PR agencies and communications firms, we combine advanced scientific research and social analysis techniques and adapt them for political and commercial use.

Enabling us to better understand both individual and group societal behaviour for our target audience. Our unique measurable and facts-based methodology enables us to understand how people think so we can transform mindsets and behavioural patterns.

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How we work

Political Parties

As a political party or candidate we assist you in better understanding the needs of your electorate. We support you to build successful electoral campaigns and provide post election advisory.

Social Movements

We act as an enabler for humanitarian agencies, social movements and charitable institutions.


Working with different government bodies and agencies to engage specific audiences, raise awareness and drive engagement around e.g. healthcare, counter radicalisation, tourism and promote foreign investment.


We empower organisations to grow the value of their operations, by understanding how to drive progress through data-powered strategy and communications.

With over 30 years of experience in over 40 countries and hundreds of major commercial and political campaigns.


What we do

Issue & Political Advocacy

We go further than any traditional Issue & Political Advocacy firm.

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Nation Branding

Nation branding (place branding).

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Campaign Management & Strategic Advisory

Full scale Political or commercial campaign management.

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Behavioural Research

Research is always key. Behavioural research digs even deeper.

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Reputation Management

Reputation and perception management based on a modern mixture of data insights and years of experience in PR.

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Targeted Communications

In comparison with costly mass advertising, targeted communications has proven more efficient and cost effective.

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Capacity building

Doing ‘OK’ is not enough, we are here to make your team the best.

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Crisis Communications

Crisis communications are key in resolving and determining how a crisis unfolds.

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